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What measures are you taking for COVID-19 prevention?

  • Masks are worn during the entirety of your appointment, and my station + the whole salon is sanitized periodically throughout the day.


How do I book?

  • Click on the “BOOKING” tab right at the top of my website! There is a link that will take you to my booking service, Vagaro, or you can leave me a message for any other type of service you do not see on Vagaro.


Are you available for projects outside of salon styles?

  • YES! I love doing services beyond my own salon. I have worked with companies/photographers/models for styled shoots, as well as for shows in the fashion industry. If you would like to get in contact about a project like this, go to the “BOOKING” tab of my website, and you can write me a message!


What is the last educational course you took in your industry?

  • I am constantly perfecting and working on my craft. In February of 2021, I took a virtual class discussing the effects of various ingredients in hair products, and this upcoming March, I am taking an extensions course and one based on balayage and hair cutting.

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